Why is NOW the best time to invest in Miami Real Estate?

Everyone has a different goal in mind with their purchase: Whether your looking for Monthly Rental Returns, Long-Term Investment with Appreciation, or simply looking for a second/third home in a sunny tropical paradise. In order to have a complete picture of the market, it is best to consult with a local realtor to discuss your particular goals and objectives. Mortage rates are at an all-time low, America has strong Tax Advantages, topped with big international demand – the Miami condo inventory is decreasing faster, making the prices increase consistently.

Now is the perfect time to buy Miami luxury pre-construction condo. Brand new, top-of-the-line, Ultra Luxury Towers are rising everywhere in South Florida. In fact there are over 100 NEW Construction buildings planned through 2016.  The primary benefit of investing in pre-construction condo projects, is that the buyer is able to get a brand new condominium property based on today’s prices and enjoy the real estate appreciation of the property over time without the carrying costs, such as interest and taxes.

We only focus on new properties in the upper level marketplace which serve the needs of a sophisticated clientele. The recession and the continued devaluation of the dollar have opened the door for international buyers to find high-end property at extraordinarily good value. Miami Condo Kings is proud to have developed many successful and lasting relationships with investors, developers and property owners from the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Asia. While tourism continues to be one of Miami’s principal industries, Miami is a major center in finance, commerce, culture, media, arts, entertainment and international banking. Contact us today to find the property of your dreams.

What is OUR FEE for finding & buying a Miami Condo Investment?

This is a great question and topic that comes up among our international buyers, as Miami offers you a beautiful warm climate and cosmopolitan beach community. Waterfront properties in Miami are incredibly popular, and more affordable than luxury real estate in comparable parts of the world.

Unlike many other countries, when you hire a real-estate agent to help you find & buy property, you have to pay that agent for their time and pay them a commission. In America, it does not work that way for residential real-estate. We invest our time, resources and expertise to make sure you get the best price possible, in the building of your dreams – at no cost to you. This is because the seller (developer) pays us a commission for helping to broker a deal with qualified buyers.  This is of great advantage to our clients, because they can invest their money into their new / pre-construction condominium – rather then cover the expenses of our personal service.

Make sure to review our BUYERS GUIDE for a standard breakdown of the process:

What are the TWO WAYS you can purchase property in South Florida?

The biggest advantage of purchasing the pre construction condos is that you will pay for the condos according to today’s price and with time prices will increase. The construction of an average condo takes about two years to complete but the price after that period should be much higher than of today’s price. It is always recommended to have a look at the developer’s previous projects so that you can buy the condos with confidence and trust that you are buying form a solvent ad reputable developer.

The two ways to acquire one of these amazing new projects are: 
A: Purchase directly through developer or sales center.
B: Purchase a property though the MLS system.

** New & Pre-Construction projects do not usually appear in the MLS until building is complete.

We highly recommend that you always make this major purchase, with the guidance of our registered real-estate agents. Let’s examine both scenarios:

A: Direct through developer:

Practically every new construction building will have a sales team on site. This means you simply can walk in, register with the building, and purchase a property directly from the developer without an agent. This is not a good idea, if you don’t personally have in-depth knowledge of the market, location, or comparable buildings – especially if you’re coming from another country.  The reason is, every sales center agents are only focused on selling you a unit in that building: At the prices they have set.  They may not explain the pros & cons of other buildings, or show you what is selling at what price points in the market.

When you walk into a sales center with a professional realtor from Miami Condo Kings, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to help guide you through the process, and explain what the differences are between all comparable buildings in that desired location.  You will know the developers asking price, and whether it is a realistic price for that size unit and building amenities.

We are South Florida natives, and are connected to the constant changes & developments in this market. Our experience and knowledge, will help you find the BEST POSSIBLE DEAL in the building of your dreams. As we have NO DIRECT BENEFIT – to sell you a property in one building vs. the other.  The only thing that matters is our client’s satisfaction when making a big buying decision.  Visit our Miami Pre-Construction Condo Blog for up-to-date information on the latest projects announced.

B: Buying through the MLS:

The MLS (multiple listing service) is a big database of listing for real estate that is for sale. All of the information about the property is listed with photos and is made available to real estate agents. It’s limited to a certain area or region since there is no national database.  The MLS makes it easy for us to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply by calling us, and giving a description of what size, location, features, price point, etc. – we can go into the MLS and do a quick search to find you multiple units in multiple buildings that fit your criteria.  These are buildings that are already finished, and mostly are re-sales from current or previous owners. So you wouldn’t necessarily be the first person to own or live in that property.  Contact Us and we’ll do a quick search of the MLS for anything you desire

What are your DIRECT BENEFITS of dealing with Miami Condo Kings?

Our main priority and focus is to EARN YOUR TRUST when purchasing new or pre-construction Miami condos.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident, that your family’s interest in living, investing or renting a luxury property in Miami – is our only objective. In fact, the majority of our clients continue to BUY and SELL their homes with us, because they know we are here to build LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS.  Long after the deal is done, we will continue to be here for anything you need, and will keep you informed of any new developments in your building & neighborhood. Our condo experts also serve as property managers, when you’re on vacation or living at your other residences. We can also help find qualified renters for your place when ready. There is great value in this personal trust, which is why we’ve been so successful over the past two decades.

The market is saturated with inexperienced agents, who lack the insider knowledge & negotiating skills required to find your dream home.  Unlike most other agencies, we’re not here to promote our names, pictures and bios. We’d rather focus on delivering the best possible service, and continue promoting the finest new and pre-construction condos in South Florida. This includes the original production of high-quality videos and animations for most of our favorite new projects.

So whether we walk into a Sales Center together, Purchase Online / over-the-phone, or Schedule Showings of desired properties found in the MLS : Our five-star service will not cost you anything – as the seller covers the real-estate commission.    We only hope that you continue to business with us, when its time to change or purchase a new home. Call 305-791-5596 or Contact Us for VIP Pricing

What are your NEXT STEPS?

STEP 1: Simply browse our various projects offered by CITY & PRICE RANGE (click here) Look at the Videos, Pictures, Features and Floor Plans to get a better picture of what that building offers, and make note of any model name/number that interests you.

STEP 2:  Narrow down your selection to Two or Three buildings, or preferred locations:  (Oceanfront, Downtown, Marina Access etc.)

STEP 3:  CONTACT US Don’t hesitate as these buildings and prices won’t last. Please provide as much information as possible in your message (Desired Buildings, Units, Budget, Location, etc) and be sure to read our BUYERS GUIDE, as it’s important to understand the unique buying process with this properties.

*Most deals are Cash-Only, however there are various financing options available. We have multiple solutions available to our clients.